On the Beach


My new collection.  This time I focus on sustainable art.  From the remnants of fabrics that I collect from the beginning, I decided to make a collection of sewn pictures.  The theme of this collection is “Places” (this was my way to travel in a pandemic).  In the photo – first place. The place I love the most: sea, beach, water, ocean …

“On the Beach” this picture could not be missing from my collection -” Places”.

The sound of the sea, the singing of birds, the golden beach among the trees”

… all this gives joy to my heart on such days …

From the song “The story of a certain relation” by the Polish band Czerwone Gitary – Red Guitars

Every picture of this collection shows one of the places that stuck in my memory since I have visited it and I have fond memories related to it. Below, You can see the images that I had in my head when sewing this picture.

To make this, I’ve layered fabrics scraps with differing colours, patterns and textures, and used a technique called free motion machine embroidery to secure them all in place.

This is a truly unique piece of textile art for your home or a gift to someone special. It has been handmade from fabric waste – a tiny fabric scraps that were saved by me first, but by buying one of my pictures, you also help to keep them of the landfill for longer. It’s worth to remember that “Waste is not a waste until we waste it“ (Will.I.Am).

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