About me

I'm Jystyna. I'm mom for my kids (2). Qualified as MBA. Housewife from choice. I love reading books and drinking coffee. I plan things all the time and even more often I change them. I create and transform. I sew and re-sew. I live and experience life. I love!

I use the above description when someone asks me to write something about myself.

When they ask for more. I would like to add that I have always dreamed of having my own collection ...

Finally, for the end I like use this quote from "The Witcher" by A. Sapkowski

„ Nothing very big; I can conjure up food, drink, clothes, clean linen, hot water, soap. Any woman can do that, and without using magic at that. I can open and close windows and doors. I can light a fire. Nothing very remarkable”.

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